"Gastronomic Workshop"

The air in the room is less dry than in the case of heating the room with heaters and the warmth spreading nicely in the room makes you enjoy the “winter flavours”. All that remains is to settle your preferences: a traditional or personalised glazed tile stove, with high efficiency, or a fireplace with a special charm. In the yard you can choose a simple barbecue or a “gastronomic workroom” to include also: baking oven, with heat accumulation (pizza, bread, cake), kitchener and cooking oven working simultaneously, rotisserie (spit), hearth for cauldron (cast iron). Paying equally respect to our clients and to our job, we do not make pre-assembled stoves, which we consider an unfortunate and risky compromise. Under the mask of a 25-30 percent smaller price compared to a “traditional” stove, they hide an inefficiency of only 50-60%. Actually, when you buy such stoves you receive only the stove furnace that connects directly to the exhaust installation, the heat reaching temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius inside the stove-pipe generating specific risks and problems (condensation, overheating)

Why glazed tile stove ? (continuation)

5 corner stove

Energetically independent. Once the firewood is brought in the yard, the home's warmth is assured independently of the utilities network; 100% green The firewood fuel is a regenerative resource. Wood wastes can also be used successfully, if they don't contain binding material that, by burning, could cause the formation of deposits on the smoke flues, opturating them; The stove's materials do not harm the environment (actually, we are talking about soil <clay>, in different forms of aggregation). Easy to maintain: As long as the fuel is the recommended one, all you have to do is to take out the ash before making a new fire. Once in two years it is recommended to clean the stove. Healthy warmth The sound of wook cracking in the fire in magic!

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