And then, maybe you'll think again and look for the help of an experienced craftsman, who will do a good work, will know how many materials you need and what kind, will optimize your costs and prove you in a short time that the investment was one that redeemed extremely fast. I'm looking forward to receiving your phone or e-mail so I can show you that together we'll easily find the most convincing solutions, in full congruity with everyone´s space, buget and taste. Razvan Iancu Phone 0722 50 60 73; 0754 57 17 85; 0771 39 57 68 E-mail: Facebook


Quality comes from tradition (continuation)

There comes a day when you settle down in a place and somebody asks you to make a stove. This is how Razvan built the stove at Zembrea family in Spinus, then at Gui family in Sarand, but also at Romtelecom logistic unit in Oradea … Then other people heard of him and started calling him … When they have the chance to meet again at some work, Ilie and Razvan Iancu offer you the joy of seeing two craftsmen in the “fire of creation”, transforming under your very eyes a pile of glazed tiles, bricks and clay in a nest for a solid fire, just right to tame the winter's frost.

What do I do to warm up ?

Let's take it the old fashioned way: you would be tempted to go and buy by yourself everything needed to make a stove, hoping to ”save” some money. In most of the cases, you would go with double the materials you actually need, “well instructed” by a salesman. Then, again for the sake of saving some money, you could choose the craftsman, hoping that if he is cheap, he will be good. Maybe you have the chance to ask the people who did that way how long does it take till their stove cools and how many carts of firewood do they need per week to “revive” the room.

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